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“SHAR-LLM – Sharing Cities” 

Reference: 691895


“SusCity: Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitions” Reference: MITP-TB/CS/0026/2013

“SouthZEB – nZEB training in the Southern EU countries – Maintaining
building traditions”

Reference: IEE-13-393


“MEMO – Evolution of the Lisbon metropolitan area metabolism. Lessons towards a Sustainable Urban Future” 

Reference: PTDC/EMS-ENE/2197/2012


“Urban metabolism of Asian metropolitan areas”

 Reference: TA-7792 REG: Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2011


“Preparation of Sector Road Maps for Central and West Asia – Kazakhstan and Uzbekstan”

Reference: A71320 – RSC-C12557: Urban Services Assessment in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan


“IntegerSum – Integrated geo-referenced model for sustainable urban metabolism”

Reference: PTDC/SEN-ENR/121747/2010


“MeSUr – Metrics framework for Urban Metabolism Sustainability”

Reference: PTDC/SEN-ENR/111710/2009


“ResiSt – Supporting Urban RESilience through the management of urban STock resources”

Reference: PTDC/SENENR/103044/2008


“iTEAM – integrated Transportation and Energy Activity-based model”

Reference: MIT-Pt/SES-SUES/0041/2008


“SMARTGALP – Fundo de apoio à inovação”
“Net Zero Energy School – Reaching the community”
Reference: MIT-Pt/SES-SUES/0037/2008


“Central Hídrica Reversível da Lagoa das Furnas, São Miguel (EDA)”
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